FAQ's for Air Suspension Products

An Air Suspension System in your car or SUV is complex, however problems related to it are easy to diagnose and fix.

This page will answer questions that are of the most frequent concern to our customers.

1. If you have technical question or are calling in to place an order (s) please reference the contact information below. We accept faxed in orders as well.
Our office is open from 8.30 a.m. to 5p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
You can call us at 1-877-448-1057
Fax in your order at 1-877-448-1059 or
Email us at mailto:protiersales@gmail.com

2. Do products come with installation instructions?
It depends on the part that is ordered. Most products do come with installation instructions, however some do not.

3. Is modification required for conversion kits to fit?
The conversion kits, which convert Air Suspension to Passive Suspension, do not need welding or modification. They bolt directly to your vehicles suspension. No special tools are required; our conversion kits come fully assembled and are ready to be bolted in. All brackets that are used to bolt the suspension are engineered and modified to easily fit into your car.

4. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we ship world wide through federal express ground. Please send us your address and our shipping department will send you a quote. This quote will not include customs, forwarding and clearing charges.

5. How do you remove air lines from compressor, dryer or solenoid switch?
To remove air flow lines, just press in on the fitting and pulling line at same time. The fitting has a red/orange plastic ring. Even if the ring is not there, it is fine, just push on the brass bushing and it will work.

6. What is your warranty on your parts?
Our parts are warranted to be free from all defects for a period of one year. Protier will not warrant any product which have been altered, misused or not used per manufacturers instructions of use, operation and installation

Liability of protier is limited to solely repair or replace a defective product, with a proof of purchase. Parts returned will be subject to 20% restocking fee.

7. Payments
We accept all major credit cards. Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card. If a credit card is not available, you can wire in the funds, send us a cashier check or money order. We also process orders through PayPal as well.

8. Does Protier parts match to OEM specifications?
All parts Protier offer are reversed, engineered and are designed to match to OEM specifications. Some conversion kits are redesigned to fit air suspension system, to make passive suspensions. All our conversion kits are designed to give you a great ride like OEM. The springs carry the same load and deflection capacities like OEM manufacturers.

9. How long does it take to ship an order?
Orders received before 2 pm will be shipped the same day. We ship ground & next day. This usually will take 1-5 business days for the order to arrive depending on what state you live in. If you live in the United States, next day order placement will be at your doorstep the next business day the order is placed.

10. Returns:
You can return parts within 30 days of the invoice date. For the return you have to claim an RGA number from us. Any returns without an RGA number will not be processed. In the event that we ship you the incorrect part, we will cover the return shipment costs. We will not cover; however, a 'wrong part purchased'. Any part returned must be unused and in original packaging. All returns carry a 20% restocking fee.

11. What is the average life of an air suspension component?
The manufacture state that usually air springs lasts for 70,000 to 100,000 miles. This also depends on how one handles and makes use of their car or SUV truck, the rubber bellow develops cracks around the bottom piston which eventually wears out. Extremes weather conditions also cause cracks to the rubber bellow. The compressor and solenoid usually wear out due to leaking air springs.

12. Should I replace to air suspension parts or just covert to conventionional coil springs?
If you like air ride, towing and load leveling capabilities, then you should replace or repair air suspension components. If you're looking on savings and cost effective ways then, coil conversion kit is the way to go. Usually we recommend sticking to air suspension system if your car came with one.

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