About Us

Protier is an auto parts company that was founded in 2008. The Protier family takes customer satisfaction as our top priority. In order to ensure that you get what you want, the Protier family has created such a team where we cater to each and every one of your technical needs. Our company will always deliver the best products that are high quality and engineered to the best.
In order to ensure and provide highest quality parts, Protier has teamed up with leading manufacturers of the automotive parts industry. Protier is currently involved with manufacturing plants of Motor and Transmission mounts, Air Springs, Strut plates for coil EZ struts of the Automotive. The manufacturing plants have been producing parts since 1962 and are currently located worldwide. The companies, we have teamed up with, have plants that are ISO 9001, TS 16949 and are TSV and SGS certified.
Our Product

Protier offers a huge variety of auto parts, which include: motor mounts, center supports, transmission mounts, strut mounts, drive shafts, and torque strut mounts. We at Protier, are very proud to bring to new our new line of; Air Spring, Dryers, Compressors, and Coil conversion kits for SUV'S, Cars, and Pickup Trucks. We are introducing our Air Springs and Coil Conversion kits for the following manufactures: Ford, Audi, Land Rover, Mercury, GM, Hummer, Saab, and many more! Along with our air springs, we offer coil conversion kits for passive suspension! All coils, shocks, and struts are MADE IN USA and our backed with 100 % lifetime limited warranty. We in Protier also offer a great amount of products in sets, so that you can purchase multiple different parts with just one click! The Protier engineering team is working day and night to bring to you the best of the best products!


Quality is a very important subject to our customers. To ensure this, we don’t only deliver you great pricing, but we will also deliver you the best quality. Our engineering team works day and night to make sure that the products we supply are engineered the right way. Our highly trained, and qualified, engineers have analyzed and fully tested all Protier parts to ensure their superiority and excellence. Show below is just a couple of pictures of what tests are done to our products. A more technical description of how these tests are done is shown below.
The manufacturing plants have Rubber Injection molding machines from 30 MT to 300 MT. The plants also have progressive metal stamping machine from 1 MT ton to 600 tons. Our CNC and vertical machine centers can develop any new parts and molds in very short time for rubber bellows, plastic, or even aluminum die casting. The laboratories, and QC department, is equipped with Ozone resistance tester and tensile stress/strain machines. A Dynamic testing machine is also induced on our products. This process checks the burst rate, elongation, and fatigue on our air springs/struts for coil conversion kits.

Why Buy From Us?

It’s important to realize that in today’s world the internet is where everything is at! Certain companies may try and give you parts that seem to be very dazzling from the outside, but have a very poor truth from the inside. It’s imperative to recognize, on an engineering basis, which parts offer the technical depth that you desire. We at Protier offer you the same design as the OEM parts, at a lower price, and guarantee you satisfaction. We love to go with the OEM design because of the technical testing and proven success they have had with the mainstream market. However, if need be, we also offer alternative design to the OEM products, to give you a more diverse range of choosing what part helps you the best! Our distribution centers are located on the east, and west coast, of the United States. This will provided you fast delivery and reliable repair time for our customers.

The Protier family understands that trust is something one must earn. Our family is dedicated to not only earn your trust, but ensure that we embark on a wonderful lifetime business partnership with you. This is not only our promise; this is the Protier family’s Guarantee.

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